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Having a well-woman exam with your trusted OB/GYN is an integral part of staying on top of your health. In Springfield, Ohio, leading women’s health specialists Shawn Osterholt, MD, FACOG, Richard McNeely, DO, FACOOG, and Curtis Orr, MD, FACOG take care of women from puberty through menopause and beyond. If you’re due for a well-woman exam, you can book your appointment at OB/GYN LTD. by calling the clinic or booking online.

Well Woman Exam

Do I need an annual well-woman exam if I’m healthy?

Yes. Having a routine well-woman exam every year is about more than managing chronic issues or health concerns. It’s a comprehensive preventive exam that evaluates your overall health. After all, most chronic conditions, including certain types of cancer, develop over a period of months or years, not overnight.

By going through regular screenings during your annual well-woman exams, your OB/GYN monitors for early warning signs of chronic conditions. This way if anything appears out of the ordinary, you can start treatment early and possibly prevent future progression.

What should I expect from a well-woman exam?

Your well-woman exam is your one-on-one time with your OB/GYN. The exam isn’t just hands-on; it includes a detailed conversation with your practitioner. That gives you an opportunity to ask questions, go over any concerns, and discuss changes in your family medical history. Your visit can also involve:

  • Covering birth control options
  • Going through cancer screenings
  • Having a pelvic exam or Pap smear
  • Getting a thorough breast exam
  • Having blood drawn

If you need further testing, such as imaging through an ultrasound or mammogram, your doctor can help you schedule that as well.

How do I prepare for a well-woman exam?

Call the office ahead of time and ask if you need to fast for any of your blood work, or if you need to arrive with a full bladder for a urinalysis or ultrasound. It’s also helpful to bring a list of all of your current medications and their dosages, even if you take over-the-counter medications or dietary supplements.

Because medications can interact negatively with one another and sometimes dosages need to be changed, going over your medications during your exam is essential. You can also prepare by:

  • Learning about any changes in family medical history
  • Writing down any concerns or symptoms
  • Discussing birth control options with your partner

It’s also helpful to gather medical records from other physicians, as well as urgent care or emergency room visits. Doing so helps your OB/GYN gather a well-rounded snapshot of your health.

You can quickly schedule your well-woman exam at OB/GYN LTD. online or over the phone.